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Good for beginners and advanced users.

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Geriostim Aqua 100iu HGH Somatropin Cartridge 11/24

Human Growth Hormone

Box: 10x10IU x Vial / 10x Syringe / 1x sterilic water

  • 1. Advanced loss of body fat

HGH stimulates lipolysis, a process for burning lipids that constitute fats, oils, and waxes. This promotes weight loss.

Low HGH commonly leads to obesity. This may occur in mild proportions for some people who appear lean but have massive fat deposits around their abdomen. By increasing their hormone levels, they can burn the unnecessary fat.

Furthermore, HGH triggers the release of the Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1). IGF-1 improves cell growth by signaling cells to deplete glucose instead of turning it into fats. This leads to a reduction in body fat.

  • 2. Enhanced muscle growth

HGH promotes the creation of one of the main building blocks of the human body: collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in the whole body so it also plays a major role in the aging of interconnective tissues and muscles.

As you grow older, the growth hormone and collagen diminish. However, if you boost your body HGH content, collagen production will increase hence leading to increased muscle mass while strengthening tendons.

A muscle growth by HGH study on males aged over 50 years confirmed its potency since they showed a heightened muscle strength in the lower body part. While the muscles become more fragile with passing years, HGH can save the day.

  • 3. Increased exercise capacity

The peak physical exertion you can take is your exercise capacity. So if you can’t take a light jog around the block, you might want to change that. And HGH can help.

The growth hormone increases exercise capacity by boosting your cell metabolism. That’s why you may see a bodybuilder taking HGH progressing the intensity of their workouts without the strain they had before using.

  • 4. Improved fracture healing

Fracture healing comprises a variety of growth factors, hormones, and cytokines such that the exact systemic mechanism is unclear to medical professionals.

However, after a study of the healing effects of HGH, scientists discovered that this hormone accelerated bone regeneration that subsequently promoted fracture healing.

The promotion of cell regeneration through collagen development along with the production of IGF-1 are some of the ways HGH promotes fracture healing.

Dr. Christopher Mendias, an Associate Scientist in the Arthritis and Tissue Degeneration Program was quoted by Medicine at Michigan saying, “Anabolic steroids will cause more tendon ruptures and connective tissue injuries because as the muscle gets bigger, it generates more force and the tendon doesn’t have time to adjust. Growth hormone naturally promotes connective tissue growth…”

Although the circumstances of fracture healing by the human growth hormone aren’t completely clear, it’s a promising option. Moreover, some people are reporting quicker recoveries from injuries while taking the growth hormone.

  • 5. Tougher bones

Bone health is important for protecting other internal body organs and also reducing the likelihood of fractures. Except as you grow older, the bones lose their density as collagen and other tissue maintenance factors diminish.

However, HGH can strengthen your bones even as you age.

After a long follow up study on postmenopausal women who had osteoporosis (a condition where bones increase porosity making them vulnerable to fractures), it was reported that the growth hormone helps maintain bone health.

Their bone mass increased and not just for the short term. The beneficial effects of the hormone were registered long after the treatment stopped.

  • 6. Improved cognitive capabilities and moods

Researchers from the University of Washington involved healthy and mildly cognitively-impaired individuals in a study to unveil the relationship between the brain and HGH.

They later revealed that the growth hormone improves cognitive abilities like attention and memory. To elucidate that fact, more researchers performed clinical trials and found out the same results of improved cognitive function.

Positive mood changes are also one of the HGH advantages.

The deficiency of the human growth hormone has been related to mood swings where most of the patients underwent problems that led to the damage of the pituitary gland. That’s why the growth hormone can help alleviate biological depression.

  • 7. Replacing sleep-related HGH

The growth hormone is released a few moments into sleep and increases as you spend more time sleeping. Its peak production rate is during deep sleep.

Unfortunately, some people are sleep deprived due to conditions like insomnia or the nature of their lifestyles like travel and night shifts. This reduces the content of HGH and subsequently slows down their growth rate.

In circumstances where the sleep-wake cycle can’t be optimized, HGH can help. Moreover, some studies show that one of its benefits is improving sleep quality.

  • 8. Restoration of erectile function

Recent studies suggest that HGH deficiency leads to erectile dysfunction. This is observed in aging as well as young males who have a deficiency.

You can boost sexual health through the growth hormone. This can be naturally through exposure to tactile and visual stimuli like they did in this extensive study or replacement of a deficient growth hormone.

Some doctors are already treating erectile dysfunction with Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (GHRT).

  • 9. Decreased cardiovascular diseases risk

Cardiovascular diseases are now very popular, a consequence of poor diet and lack of physical activity. These diseases affect the heart and blood vessels, building up fat on arterial walls.

So, it’s obvious that one can reduce their risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases through the burning of lipids by increasing metabolism. And that’s where one of the hormone’s benefits, which is to burn fat, comes in.

If your HGH levels are low, increasing them naturally or through synthetic means would help reduce your cardiovascular disease risk.

  • 10. Stronger immune system

The growth hormone also plays a vital role in the development of the immune system. Researchers[24] claim that it likely triggers the thymus gland which produces crucial immunity cells known as the T-cells.

Some studies with HIV patients revealed that the growth hormone can increase immunity. The Journal of Clinical Investigation then made an article headlined, “Growth hormone enhances thymic function in HIV-1–infected adults”.

  • 11. Slower aging rates

You remember the talk about collagen production promoted by the growth hormone earlier, right? Well, the same collagen promotes elasticity of the skin and prevents it from sagging.

Increasing the growth hormone won’t halt your aging process but chances are, it might slow down its rate. This not only applies to your skin but also your hair.


How long does HGH take to work?

It depends. Some people report feeling different and seeing minor changes within a few weeks of HGH usage. However, for others, it can take three to even six months to see any difference.

Within the first three months of using human growth hormone, you’ll likely start feeling different. For instance, you may start feeling more flexible and energetic than before.

After six months of consistent usage, you can start noticing visible changes like loss of belly fat, and the ability to exercise for longer periods than before among other results.

How to take?


HGH Dosage Cycle for Beginners

First, it is important to understand that Human growth hormone is usually taken in milligrams (or IUs). What is the ratio? One mg equals three IUs. Do not confuse milligram with IU.

You won’t experience any adverse reactions if you start slowly – it will enhance your body’s functioning. You’ll feel more energetic and have other benefits like better sleep, lean muscles, and fat loss. But these results will only come over time.

If you are looking to build muscle, you should take 4-6 IUs per day. This means you will need to spend more time at the gym to lose weight or get it down.

You might experience adverse reactions if you take 8-16 IUs of medication. A smaller medication dose is better. You should take 750mg (3 mL) of male growth hormone per week.

A 12 week check cycle is recommended. In case you’re just starting out, you should take three IUs. You can increase your dose to 6 IUs once you get more frequent use of the gym. It is best to avoid taking higher amounts of HGH or Testosterone. To get better results, start with the lowest possible dose.

I can take my doses at any time of day, whether I am full or empty stomach. You have the option to make it work for you, depending on your schedule. It can be done at any time, but many people prefer to have it in the morning or before going to bed at night because this is when hormones are released.

You can begin at 4 IU per day if you are interested in fitness, exercise, and fat loss. Advanced users and hardcore users can take up to 6 IU. The doses I have mentioned are acceptable for those who are starting their hgh cycle for beginners. You can increase the dose if you are in good health.

You can increase the dose to 8-16 IU per day if you want to speed up healing from an accident. This is a very high dose, and is not recommended for everyone. If you are taking more than 4 IU per day, it is better to take the dose in smaller amounts than one.

Dosage of HGH for athletes

For athletes who want to lose fat, build muscle mass, or maintain a standard of fitness, the HGH cycle dosage should be between 2 and 4 IUs. The dosage can be spread to allow for multiple HGH injections throughout the day. To avoid GH gut, it is best to divide the dose and inject no more than 2 IU at a given time.

What Do I Do With My Everyday Hgh Dosage?

It is necessary for these reasons. Splitting the shots gives you an easy level IGF-1 and GH, which makes fat reduction and muscle growth easier.
Sometimes, the liver organ is unable to absorb large amounts of HGH quickly enough to stimulate IGF-1. Our system can only release 5-7 peak levels of HGH during the day, and not one large maximum release. The liver might not convert all growth hormones to somatomedins, so you’re just wasting it as it is flushed out.

Split doses can also cause unwanted side effects that are less severe.


Geriostim Aqua 100iu HGH Somatropin Cartridge 11/24

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