Anastrabol 1 Anastrozole 01/24


Anastrabol 1 Anastrozole 01/24


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Anastrabol 1 Anastrozole 01/24

Anastrozole / Anastrabol / Arimidex


Anastrozole is a popular agent, used especially in bodybuilding, whose task is to control the amount of estrogen in the athlete’s body. It is widely available in both oral tablet and liquid form.

Too high level of estrogen in the body may occur after taking specific anabolic steroids (including testosterone, dianabol or deca), and even without being on any cycle. Regardless of the reason, it is worth reaching for anastrozole to reduce the number of estrogens. This way you will avoid the undesirable effects of excess estradiol, i.e. gynecomastia, depression, water retention or loss of libido. Moreover, by taking arimidex, you protect yourself against loss of acquired muscle mass. This is the main advantage, very often mentioned by bodybuilders who start the cycle just to gain gains and would not reach for a measure that would take it away from them later.

Anastrozole should be started at a low dose, i.e. 0.25 mg every two days. With time, however, it is worth reaching for more, e.g. 0.5 per day. The maximum permitted safe dose is 1 mg daily. Do not exceed it so that you do not experience side effects.

Anastrabol 1 Anastrozole 01/24

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